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Reborn Apps

Interesting marking technique to reuse old apps from events that are now useless in to a medium to get people to sign up to the donor program.

Stare if you Care


Staring is Caring is a campaign to support AIDS, endocrinologist you get to choose a model that is just dressed in a mini skirt and scroll to stare – some might say sexiest, cialis 40mg I am undecided, it’s for a very good cause and harmless fun are my first impressions.
created by the guys and girls at Achtung


Those crazy Dutch :)
Send in your 140 char tweet and have it added to the composition of tweet’rs from around the globe and played out in ‘NEARLY’ real-time.

Via Digital Buzz

ITV’s New Idents for it’s third Channel

Amazing craft and attention detail. Hat off to the creators

Billboard Innovation creates water from thin air

This amazing billboard turns the humidity in Peru into water for the many residents whom can’t get clean drinking water.
more here

Evolution of a City

A project being submitted to NYC to use the phone boxes that are really no longer used because even kids have mobiles these days.

Smart – I hope they succeed.

Ref: Titan, site Control Group and FastCo Design

Musical Cars

via Digital Buzz

Nice Sony & James Bond SkyFall Stunt

By the Guys at CP+B Gothenburg.