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Sphere Portrait


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Teaching Kids to Code.


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Best Game Sim Ever.

the Gadget Show UK created the best sim game based on battlefield 3, misbirth with lighting, ampoule treadmills that moved with you and 360 display, visit this site not forgetting the gun with an app attached so it could talk directly to the game on trigger.
Amazing well worth watching for 15 mins

sim game

Billboard Innovation creates water from thin air

This amazing billboard turns the humidity in Peru into water for the many residents whom can’t get clean drinking water.
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Evolution of a City

A project being submitted to NYC to use the phone boxes that are really no longer used because even kids have mobiles these days.

Smart – I hope they succeed.

Ref: Titan, site Control Group and FastCo Design

Royal London Hospital: Interactive Installation

Woodland Wiggle from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

One for the Kids :)
This interactive book has been made to a huge scale so kids can engage with life size objects, artificial allowing them to paint and interact whilst learning.
Very Cool…

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Musical Cars

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Oakley AR heads up display goggles.

“Airwave goggle brings alpine sports into the future with a stunning array of capabilities, hygiene ” Oakley CEO Colin Baden said in a release to coincide with the launch of the new gear this week.

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