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Recalling NYC 1993

NYC 1993

Smart idea to get real stories from the people about life in NYC in 1993 using the only media around at the time – the pay phone. – visit the site to hear some real stories from back in the day

ITV’s New Idents for it’s third Channel

Amazing craft and attention detail. Hat off to the creators

Best Game Sim Ever.

the Gadget Show UK created the best sim game based on battlefield 3, misbirth with lighting, ampoule treadmills that moved with you and 360 display, visit this site not forgetting the gun with an app attached so it could talk directly to the game on trigger.
Amazing well worth watching for 15 mins

sim game

Evolution of a City

A project being submitted to NYC to use the phone boxes that are really no longer used because even kids have mobiles these days.

Smart – I hope they succeed.

Ref: Titan, site Control Group and FastCo Design

Secret Door

Discover new places by stepping throu the door – here


Find Your Way to Oz


Very nice Google Chrome website that feels very fliud when scrolling and navigating the content, more about but is also really beautiful!

Musical Cars

via Digital Buzz

For Men Who Hate Shopping

I actually think it should be for ALL that hate shopping, more about but the strategy is to target men.

The concept is simple to grasp, ailment so I ask why hasn’t it been done before? maybe the app download is a little to much of a barrier?

So, medic you walk into a store, see the items, want to try some on? then download the app, scan the QR code and be directed to a fitting room where on arrival your product is waiting to be ‘tried on’.

Neat idea, but as I said I wouldn’t download an app just to try on a pair of jeans, if this was adopted by all stores then I would change my mind.

More at hointer

How 3D Printing has evolved

You can now get mini-you’s thanks to the advance in the technology.
The world’s first 3D photo booths are here.

Nice Sony & James Bond SkyFall Stunt

By the Guys at CP+B Gothenburg.