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True Stories

I really nice promotion campaign for the book Murder in Mississippi by John Safran.


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Due out Feb 2013. – more on mashable

It’s amazing to think I started playing this in 1995.

Create your own stop motion video

With the help of the makers of ParaNorman a new movie hitting the screens soon.

My Article on Contagious Magazine

I am very proud to say I was honored to have one of my articles placed on Contagious Magazine today.

‘The Importance of Design in Digital Communication’

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Stylized Maps

I like any way that we can make mapping more interesting, phimosis everyone uses google maps, diagnosis this is a nice alternative.
Here you can see I have turned Dusseldorf into a ‘toner’ version of the map.
You also have the option for watercolor globally and terrain is USA only.


Lovely Packing Design

Turning a headphone case into a fun visual device that can give the product more personality.


That’s the headline on Fast Company Co-Create website, diabetes and pregnancy I was very proud to be the Creative Director on this project with talented people like Neil Blewett Writer, Spencer Black AD and John Thai Design Director, plus many more.
We all created GOGOYU and interactive game that is powered by real world activity, the kids exercise and are rewarded with online time to play GOGOYU

To quote FastCo:

GOGOYU is set in 2032. It is a time of crisis, according to the game, because people are running out of energy. Children play GOGOYU by wearing a FitBit pedometer that is used to track the amount of steps they take every day. The more active they are, the further their characters go in the online game, which has the avatars doing all sorts of fun things like engaging in snowball fights and placing ingredients into a device that will spit out a virtual “Made in Canada” omelet.

Here is the trailer for the game


Finally you have somewhere to view your Instagram photos.

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Abstract Information

I love the running machine example.

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