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Will this change the way we shoot film?

The iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount is the first all purpose film making case for the iPad Mini. It will be made from high grade plastic and extremely tough. Users can add 37mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, anesthetist fisheye look, and macro or close up (lenses not included.), and attach lighting and audio gear on its 3 accessory shoes on the top. The bottom area allows you to mount the iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount to any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly.

On KickStarter here for a good price.

ITV’s New Idents for it’s third Channel

Amazing craft and attention detail. Hat off to the creators

Is This the Future of Shooting Commercials?

This is all pretty impressive stuff, symptoms I would love to try it for sure next time I have to do green screen and effects.

Instead of shooting the commercial on a green screen and then adding the effects in post-production, find the technologists at Team Lab decided to get rid of the entire post-production process as much as possible by building a set that renders graphics in real time and coordinates them with human action through movement tracking.

The idea is that a commercial can be designed ahead of time and shot in a studio, pregnancy but because the CG is rendered live there is more flexibility and the ability to choose from a multitude of takes. In this case, the commercial concept revolves around water filtration, so the two “filter pixies” below dance along to music performed by beatboxers as they work their magic.

Live Art installation

Chris Paul doubles in Venice Beach, cialis 40mg CA. What unfolds is a unique traction story of how CP3 cuts through L.A

Happy Birthday AdWords

Great Campaign by AKQA for Google Adwords 10th Birthday, see enabling them to send personal video messages to their customers.
Play here: Adwords 10



The T-Mobile Welcome Back

A little old, here but makes me smile on a Friday.


great film about advertising.

Screen shot 2010-11-04 at 2.33.24 PM

Bar Codes Add Detail on Items in TV Ads

Picture 14

I have believed this for sometime that we will be interacting with social and mobile while watching TV.

The 45-second commercials by the online fashion retailer Bluefly show snippets of its “Closet Confessions” interviews with designers and celebrities like Bethenny Frankel, sildenafil who appeared on “The Real Housewives of New York City, viagra sale ” and the Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir.

When the cellphone is pointed at the on-screen bar code (QRCODE), information pills the user is linked to a complete closet-baring episode, which can run as long as five minutes, and offered a $30 discount on a $150 purchase at, which sells designer and other branded clothing and accessories.

more on the NYTimes

Film made up of over 35,000 photographs

This is an experimental film made up of over 35, check 000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.

Born to create drama

This is the sort of thing my daughter does.
She was naughty in the high street, viagra here so I picked her up and carried her, sale she started grabbing passers by, impotent shouting ‘HELP ME PLEASE’. she was only 2yrs old.

Your Lucky Day

A Great short film.

Your Lucky Day from Dan on Vimeo.

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