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Will this change the way we shoot film?

The iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount is the first all purpose film making case for the iPad Mini. It will be made from high grade plastic and extremely tough. Users can add 37mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, anesthetist fisheye look, and macro or close up (lenses not included.), and attach lighting and audio gear on its 3 accessory shoes on the top. The bottom area allows you to mount the iOgrapher iPad Mini Mount to any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly.

On KickStarter here for a good price.

Pocket Projector for the iPhone

Easy to use—just dock your iPhone 4 device and project on any surface. Our Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 is perfect for on-the-go travel entertainment. Its super-bright 15-lumen LED projector lamp ensures clearer, treat more brilliant images than other pico projectors. 640×360 native display resolution projects up to 50″ images. Focus adjustment lets you control image clarity while the integrated 0.5W speaker delivers the audio. Great for keeping kids entertained with their favorite videos on the road!

I think I need one of these, not sure why yet thou.

Get it here

HP TouchPad first hands-on!

The HP TouchPad Dual-core Palm webOS tablet Demo

Article comparing the HP TouchPad, buy more about Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry Playbook


Glimpse inside Facebook Server Farm

See the hardware it takes for you and millions over others to post updates and chat.

Facebook Server Farm

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Control a Robot via Kinect

Video here
Another great example from Willow Garage

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AR Walker – Augmented Reality

Head-mounted display (HMD) to demonstrate augmented reality (AR) application called the ‘AR Walker’ through their mobile network to provide map or travel guide service, tadalafil at the company’s display at Ceatec, Asia’s largest electronics trade show

Sphere Projector

Eye-catching Optos from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

IBM Smarter Planet, more Disney Epcot Center from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Projectors mounted inside the sphere to give this great experience.
Created by PufferSphere

iPad’s best friend

CruxCaseâ„¢ The iPad’s® New Best Friend from CruxCase on Vimeo.

All for $149.00.

I personally think its to expensive, discount but a very neat tool, case, keyboard.. what do you call it?

get one here

The iPadification of Mac OS

Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 12.01.52 PM

Apple hasn’t yet offered extensive details on how these iPad calques will work in Lion; there doesn’t seem to be any requirement for users to use these in Lion. But the hope is that Apple will blend them into the Mac OS rather than graft them on. Just as with the new MacBook Air, buy more about the key is to recognize what is relevant and what is not. For example, allergy while Apple has dismissed physical keyboards on its iDevices, it continues to treat them as sacrosanct on the Mac, ensuring that its smallest notebook still has a keyboard with full-sized keys with spacing.

More on Engadget

Hello Baby..

I am a creative nerd so when new tech comes out I have to drool a little, viagra 100mg it’s in my make up.
Picture 20
So the new MacBook Air is here, viagra 60mg all 11″ & 2.3 pounds of it. It’s small light and powerful and only 2″ bigger than the iPad, so why … there is a big reason why you would have one over the other, or like me you want both. (I have to speak to my adviser, my wife first).

I will not go into detail here because this post is about showcasing the Air not comparing.

Picture 21

You have to love the software install drive, that comes in the box

So cost..
US: The 11″ standard is 999 & the 13″ is 1,299
UK: The 11″ standard is 849 & the 13″ is 1,099

The compare page


If your one of these parents who has to travel a lot and you don’t get to spend as much time with the young folk as you would have wished then this ‘MIGHT’ be the product for you..
You can load a message on it so… in their words:

your kids can hear that you love them, about it that you miss them, medications that you think they’re awesome, order even when you can’t be right there with them.

I think they are sweet and my kid would like one for say 30 mins then get bored of it. I think a coversation over the phone or a skype call is the best way to go.. but make your own mind up… neat gimmick.

Picture 12

buy one here