I nice 2nd screen experience made by Carlsberg, valeologist I like the live tweet to the game, help something we pitched to Adidas during the last world cup.

the whole experience gets the user into the action.
nice job!

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From what I hear iBeacon is Apples way of connecting to phones in locations, approved a little like bluetooth really, abortion but more advanced with the apps they are proposing.

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The worlds longest Vine

Post your vine on twitter with the hashtag and the juice company donates to a family charity, help ohh and they make a really long pass it on vine campaign.



Baileys xmas Nut Cracker spot

Classic Story telling, pfizer bringing and old story into the modern world and yet keeping the beauty oft he ballet alive.

Chewing gum makes you more interesting!

Beldent hit on the insight that your face is more interesting when chewing gum…
Yer right, somnology well to prove it they set out and did an experiment with twins, they asked a few questions and the results are in the video.

Leap Motion and Heineken

Create an interesting experiment together.

Bins that follow you.

Well sort of, diagnosis the City of London Cancelled it after a few days I think.

But interesting targeting mechanic.