CONT. Why are Digital campaigns so boring

I shared my first thoughts on Linkedin and was glad to receive a number of responses, challenges and optimistic views of the future.

Firstly most people agreed that the creativity has dropped, this is because a number of factors.

  1. Apple
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Mobile Devices being the main device for consumption
  4. Platforms taking control with media buying
  5. It’s not Useful to just be creative.
  6. UX and CMS creating a simplification of websites
  7. Homogenising the online world

I of course disagreed with some points.

Bandwidth wasn’t massive in 2005 still we were able to create immersive and engaging campaigns AND educational sites and content.

Usefulness: I have to disagree here too, not all campaigns were about wasting time with a brand, as we know, attention spans are short and people like information as quick as possible. But let me give an example of a “campaign” I did with CP+B, the brief was to highlight the growing number of child obesities in Canada / North America. So we created an online game that can only be powered by the users step counter when playing the game the students were also taught about nutritional facts and of course we threw in some maths and science quizzes. The kids in schools took the challenge and in school break time talked and competed against each other. In short, it was a success and rolled out to other schools.

gogoyu from Darren Richardson on Vimeo.

BUT… I will caveat, that I do understand there is a lot of content out there which is really not useful! my point is about having a PURPOSE and driving change or educating through immersive online experiences.

Finally a positive comment from the US

“With the speed of 5G on the horizon 45k banner ads will die a swift death. And we’ll see the explosion of interactive video and AR. Deep meaningful concepts will come alive again. Fingers crossed.”

So fingers crossed people!

My next post will be looking at how we can be more creative and expressive with online ads.